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Irene Castro

Irene CastroI was born in the city of Antofagasta, Chile on October 20th, 1971. Since I was a child I have had an irresistable love for horror tales. I would spend Sunday afternoons listening to my aunt tell ghost stories. I loved to draw and read all types of horror. Vampire tales were my favorite. I read everything I could from Carmila to the Vampire Chronicles of Anne Rice.

One day in 1993, while walking through a small book fair, I found a new kind of horror. One that made me feel fear like none had before. It was a little blue book (a pocket edition) with white letters spelling out a name I had not ever heard before – Lovecraft, Dunwich Horror. I bought it and started reading as soon as I got home. I knew hell and paradise all in that day and never forgot it. Lovecraft took me to worlds that I never imagined even in my darkest dreams.

There was the discovery of new worlds of horror. Old horrors, behind ordinary fears. Since that day I have been compiling all the Lovecraft work I can find and sharing with the world that wonderful vision that Lovecraft gave to me.

My work can also be found on artelista.com – under my pseudonym: Itzel Acosta

I started to read the stories and realized that most people cannot see what Lovecraft described, so I decided to paint to show others. Behold the “weird children of my imagination”. ¡Iä! ¡Shub-niggurath! ¡The goat with million brood! Email Irene

Irene’s Art

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3 faces of the dark God
dreams of kadath land
Egypt the houdinis dream
Nyarlathotep an egyptian papyrus
one dream of kadath
ruin I
ruin II
the ancient rite
the mound guards
the shadow in the chapitel
t yog
Watching outside of time

18 Responses to “Irene Castro”

  1. Jesus Prime (Stefano) Wrote:

    Nice work. I like it – it’s sort of a cross between Sidney Sime, Nicolas Roerich and good old Theodore Giesel.

  2. JJ Burke Wrote:

    i really like the 2nd-to-last one, with the star-shaped structure in front of the mountain. some of these also remind me of frieda kahlo paintings. thanks for sharing your art!

  3. Merovingo Wrote:

    Hola, amiga…. por fin decidistes exponer. Cuando me mostrastes tus trabajo supe que sería una exponente de lo misterioso y oculto de este mundo. Gracia por poner tu arte en la internet. Trataré de enviar esta página a todos los conocidos. Deseo de todo corazón que te vaya excelente en esta nueva vida que se vislumbra. Con cariño Merovingo.

  4. Yog-Sothoth Wrote:

    Looks great, kind of reminds me of Derricks work, minus the satanic views

  5. Evelyn Wrote:

    Te felicito, tú talento debía ser compartido.Gracias por confiar en mí en un comienzo y ahora por compartir con el mundo la hermosa percepción que tienes de Lovecraft.
    Muchas bendiciones.

  6. templario Wrote:

    Felicitaciones, excelente trabajo, una desconcertante iconografía del horror, sigue adelante, felicitaciones

  7. Victor Wrote:

    Me pone muy feliz el que puedas compartir con todo el mundo tu pasion por Lovecraft atraves de tu arte…
    Sigue asi.

  8. Elizabeth Bastias Wrote:

    Sister on almosin metraton, your amazing work is really a tribute to the great master H. P. Lovecraft. Congratulions.
    Hermanita en almosin metraton, tu maravilloso trabajo es realmente un tributo al gran maestro H.P. Lovecraft. Felicitaciones

  9. carolina Wrote:

    hola soy la amiga de carmen .. me recuerdas … sabes me gusto mucho tu trabajo y te felicito mucho… muy buen don el que tienes …
    que estes bien… carolina

  10. Rodr-Evil Wrote:

    wow me gustó mucho tu trabajo Irene, realmente bueno, felicitaciones.

  11. Ihnathi Wrote:

    Really do like the “Yith”-picture. As imagined myself! Keep working!

  12. Scorpionius Wrote:

    Your paintings remind me of some art I saw from Mexico. They
    are beautiful. Good work.

  13. Paula Carmona Wrote:

    Felicitaciones! igual de buenos que los cuentos. Gracias por compartir.
    pd: sube más!

  14. Carmen Wrote:

    Very good, keep dreaming.

  15. mario palta Wrote:

    Felicitaciones por tus cuadros; me han evocado algo muy parecido a lo que siento con la obra lovecraftiana; colores fuera de este universo, formas de pesadilla, alucinantes universos ignotos.
    ¡Felicitaciones desde Antofagasta!

  16. EAMONN Wrote:

    I love the way you use colour in your work. It imparts a dreamlike quality ( almost a fever dream delerium feel ) to your paintings. Fantastic work.

  17. Antonio Wrote:

    Really wonderful..

    They have something “ancestral” inside of them..

  18. bruce Wrote:

    i know it seems i’m trying to cheapen your art when i say it reminds me of a cross between mushrooms, lovecraft, and samurai jack… but don’t take that the wrong way. i really like all of the pictures here, and i hope you make more.

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