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Gwabryel lives in Switzerland and has studied in a school of art. He generally paints portraits and abstracts, as well as humorous drawings, logo, storyboard, and comic work. He also enjoys writing scripts and stories. Gwabryel has used various styles including oil, watercolor, acrylic, ink, and gouache, but the Lovecraftian works below were done with oil paints. Some of his inspirations include Frank Frazetta, Sargent, John Howe, Gzregorz Rosinski, Phil Hale, Giger, Rick Berry, Brom, Justin Sweet, Ashley Wood, Luis Royo, Jon Foster, Waterhouse, Jeffrey Jones, Beksinski, Boris Vallejo, and Ayami Kojima. He is currently accepting work for fantasy art, comics, scripts, illustration and logo design. Email Gwabryel

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de couv
Cthulhu Throne

13 Responses to “Gwabryel”

  1. Lucy Wrote:

    These drawrings are brilliant especially number five and six-they look exactly like what i saw in my minds eye when I read ‘The call of Cthulhu’ and ‘a shadow over Innsmouth’.

  2. Jesus Prime Wrote:

    Absolutely marvelous, Gwabryel. Like poetry on canvas.

  3. Johan Nowasad Wrote:

    super cool tes illus…

  4. Nickolaus Pacione Wrote:

    Cool stuff — Jesus Prime is doing an anthology and he is looking for cover art for it. I like this artwork enough that it should be the cover art for the anthology.

  5. Senecal Wrote:

    I really like the atmosphereic quality of tension in these.
    Just enough detail to let us feel the stress of the places, and then dream-like, when we try to focuse too much we’re pushed back. That ambiguity that is preserved here is a classic and successful embodiment of the Lovecraft vibe. Well done!

  6. Anaktas Wrote:

    Awesome paintings…

  7. Ihnathi Wrote:

    Ever since I read “At the mountains of madness”, I’ve waited to see some illustrations that capture the spirit…
    Well my friend: You got it! 🙂

  8. Scorpionius Wrote:

    Eerie atmospheric artwork. Good job.

  9. John Wright Wrote:

    All excellent but I liked best those of the tower in the sea. Great Work.

  10. Kevin Evans Wrote:

    Those are some really amazing illustrations!

  11. Erine Wrote:

    L’univers de Lovecraft… quand on y tombe… on y reste ! Tes illustrations sont super cool!

  12. Space Wanderer Wrote:


  13. witch Wrote:

    realy great work!
    your paintings seem to force me to get some of this tattooed.
    keep the good work up!

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