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Francois Launet

Born in 1971, I originally discovered H. P. Lovecraft through role-playing games and soon became addicted to his universe. I decided to study art to create dark atmospheres and creepy figures.

After classical studies, I started working with computer imagery, and I currently work as a special effects supervisor and 3D artist for a movie and commercial company in Paris. I’m also a freelance illustrator for various projects including dark role-playing illustrations (such as Call of Cthulhu, Wraith, and Kult), web sites, and cd covers.

Working all day with computers, I most often turn back to more classical mediums to express myself, although I have a never-ending quest for mixing paintings, drawings, typographic, and digital imagery.

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Shubb Niggurut
Shubb Niggurut 2

8 Responses to “Francois Launet”

  1. nathan Wrote:

    truly unique brilliant work. where does your insperation and ideas come from?

  2. bekker Wrote:

    wow!! thats some amazin work. i’d love to know how you manage to come up with ideas like this.

  3. David Wrote:

    H.P. Lovecraft if I’m not mistaken, but you are a great artist.

  4. ad noktum Wrote:

    your pictures are amazing, i like them a lot.

    good luck, bye.

  5. Ihnathi Wrote:

    I run a music project, and your pictures would fit great for our sonic atmospheres. Wow!

  6. Fire Eye Mind Wrote:

    I think out of many, you grasp the best concept of the Cthulhu Mythos, which is the Unknown. Tentacles, pseudopods, and claws are nice, but that art of Nyarlsthotep and Shub-Niggurut give me chills, not because of what they look like, but what’s missing.

    Great work!

  7. Ignacio Wrote:

    Great paintings. I like your work, also the UVofD strips xD.

    Greetings from Argentina!

  8. Hiram Wrote:

    This work is good Francois

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