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Dave Senecal

These works are based upon the writings of H. P. Lovecraft. The imagery is my interpretation of the paintings done originally by Richard Upton Pickman, an artist invented by H. P. Lovecraft from the story “Pickman’s Model”. The inspiration came from the wonderful works of HPL as a result of searching for, but never finding interesting imagery relating to this topic. As a result, I decided to make it myself.

What I’ve done so far have been establishing shots of sorts. These are a series of a few images done in a more direct, photographic style to gain the trust and confidence of the viewer so that when they see the later, subsequent works they can believe without hesitation that I am showing them things that are plausible in our own sector of the Real. I believe this to be the real effectiveness of HPL’s work. By this I mean, his willingness to let the reader (or in the case of artwork such as that which I am making, the ‘viewer’) fill in the gaps and create in their own minds, the horror which is hinted at in his descriptions. By diminishing, skewing, and limiting information about certain areas and by exercising artistic license in guiding the viewer through the selective inclusion and exclusion of details, I hope to heighten the aura and psychological tension in the works with the goal of making visual works that do not merely illustrate characters from HPL stories, but which instead capture a sense of his work in their own right. These works are part of a growing series and are available as museum quality archival giclée on canvas and on watercolor paper. Email Dave

Dave’s Art

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A Tindalos Experiment
Detail from Subway Accident
Ghoul Feeding
Squid Fisher Innsmouth
Hydriette of Innsmouth
Unsuccessful Transmogrification
The Lesson
Trouble With Girls from Innsmouth

10 Responses to “Dave Senecal”

  1. Jose Maria Wrote:

    Your work is really good!!, i love all the pictures, I’m illustrator too and I’m workng in a project of a spanish comic on the web, we will make a hystory like the shadow over innsmouth, i’m very exited by this project, ciao my friend, i think your work has minimalist textures in a dark ambient sometimes illuminated in white!…sorry by my english, i’m spanish and i have difficulty

  2. Baz Wrote:

    Really cool work, mate! A fine selection of dark images. each of them tell a story in their own, shunned, rite. Keep ’em coming.

  3. scorpionius Wrote:

    You are a worthy successor to Richard Upton Pickman. Have you seen him by the way?

  4. Vezloz Wrote:

    your pictures are extraordinary.like a nightmare given form and flesh.truly haunting.

  5. Jacob Bach Wrote:

    Absoloutely brilliant! To see the pictures form Pickmans Model come to life in such haunting images is awe inspirring. I hope you will continue the work and perhaps do the painting described at the very end.. the one from “real life” in the cellar. 😀

  6. Exarch Wrote:

    Simply brilliant. Especially Unsuccessful Transmogrification.

  7. Antonio Wrote:

    I wish i could paint and draw like artists of your kind..

  8. Azathoth Wrote:

    fuck, is awesome, excelent work men, but i imagine the lesson a bit diferent, anyways is amazing.

  9. bruce Wrote:

    very pickman… much respect.

  10. Hiram Wrote:

    Gosh man this things r really good.Love Squidfisher n Hydriette.I’m wanting to be an artist too n I’m very inspired in the Cthulhu Mythos,hope someday I’ll post my work here.
    Although in a formal way I preffer more like a gigeresque style to the mythos,still your paintings r good in its unique way.
    I so respect all of those who pay some hommage to Lovecraft’s universe.
    Keep it going bro
    (my english might have some problems I’m hispanic)

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