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The Strange Poles of Saturn

“Bizarre hexagon spotted in Saturn’s clouds” and “Freak One-Eyed Monster Storm Spotted on Saturn”.

On the Rise with The Eldritch Gazette

The Eldritch Gazette has announced that it will finally be unveiling its latest Issue, which falls on its May 15th yearly anniversery, on its up and coming web base, now currently based on the popular server myspace.com.

With the issue, as well as the website, all form of submission towards the strange and macabre fictions, art works are beings asked for. If you would like to submit a peice or manuscript, you can contact Senior Editor Woodruff Laputka at:


All interested in aiding in graphic/ web design need only apply their interests to an email, sent to the same address above.

New work by Irene Castro

Featured artist Irene Castro has sent us some updated photographs of her paintings on display, as well as some new works never before seen at the Temple. Irene’s vivid use of color and imaginative landscapes are quite unique. Be sure to take a look.

Official Reopening of the Lovecraft Archive at the Temple of Dagon

I am happy to announce the return of the Lovecraft Archive, which contains a large collection of stories, poems, essays, and collaborations by the master himself – Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Last Thursday marked the 70th anniversary of Lovecraft’s death, and with it the end of a lot of ambiguity surrounding the copyright law interpretations. Enjoy! Visit the Lovecraft Archive at the Temple of Dagon