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Four New Written Works

Featured writer Simon Bucher-Jones has sent us ‘The Spidermonger‘, which was one of his first tales and inspired by Lovecraft and Clark Aston Smith. He came across his original manuscript again recently and decided to share it with us.

We also have a nice assortment of new work in the Selected Tales section. Stephan Hesh has sent us his short poem ‘Elder God, Schmelder God‘ and Alexander Rivera gives us ‘Beyond The Conjured‘ and ‘Holy Man’s Pathos‘. They are both newcomers to the Temple, so give them a warm welcome!

New Featured Artist: Irene Castro

I would like to welcome Irene Castro as the newest featured artist to the Temple of Dagon. Irene is a painter from Chile who shares with us some very unique depictions of Lovecraft’s creations. Be sure to check out the work and leave a comment! View the work here.

Creepy Cthulhu-esque 100 word tales

Place this feed in your iTunes and get my frequent 100 tales all of which are all rather creepy and most of which are Cthulhuian. The Sage of Wales stars quite often; but not always.

Eldritch Gazette: May Issue Accessibility Fixed

The Accessibility of the May issue of the Eldritch Gazette, as i found out all too late after this posting, was completely cut off from the warm and sunny world. Our new Issue server (angelfire), simply would not have anyone admitted to our pages. So, after waiting an entire week to get back here and fix the problem, I have finally succeeded.

The Link below is to the New Index page for the May issue, which ultimately will change our lay out a bit concerning the Myspace page.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and enjoy.



Two new poems

Today we have a couple of new poems from featured writer Stefano Magliocco. ‘The-Fuddle-Beast‘ and ‘Last Vestige of a Dream‘. Take a look and leave a comment for him.

May Issue now Officially Live!

I have just finished putting the finishing touches on the May issue of The Eldritch Gazette. Thank you everyone for your patience and efforts. Next week, Iwill be going off to a summer job, so you will be hearing from our new co-editor, David West. David is young and full of spirit for fine literature and prose, and will be handling our affairs both during my absence this season, as well as during the transition to the Temple of Dagon server.

Anyway, heres the link. Enjoy.



Submissions Closed for The Eldritch Gazette

The Submission period for this May issue of The Eldritch Gazette is now closed. Thank you everyone who has approached us with their interest, and we appreciate the support youve given us thus far.

We still have alot to go through, and are still waiting on a few things to come in from our staff and reserved writers, but all new submissions will be put aside until the reading pertiod re-opens, at a time that will be disclosed tomarrow in the May issue.

Thanks again,

Woodruff Laputka
Chief Editor
The Eldritch Gazette

May Editorial Now Live!

The Eldritch Gazette Editorial for May, 2006 is now Live.

You can Access it by visiting here.