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The Eldritch Gazette Needs YOU!

The Eldritch Gazette Needs You!


The Eldritch Gazette needs YOU!

Thats right. Our current of news and updates needs YOUR help. We are looking for news and updates of anything with in the Lovecraftian cinema community. Upcoming/Current Film projects, as well as cons, festivals, the latest magazines, etc…

If you have something you would like to contribute, just send us an email( eldritchgaz@msn.com ). Credit for your aid will always be given.


Also, right now were kicking off to the assembly sessions for this coming May Issue of The Eldritch Gazette, your neighborhood Lurker, but are still in need of fresh material to fill our pages. Poetry, Art, Reviews (Film/Literature/Music/Art), Interviews, Essays, Short Fiction, all with in the Lovecraftian/Lovecraftian film genre. Send us a message if interested in contributing or to become one of our regular staff.

We also have plans to release our own little Lovecraftian Film Collection, called, “The Hapless Experiment”.

more to come on that…

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New Poetry and Prose

The collection of work at the Temple just keeps growing larger. We have a couple of new entries to the Featured Writers section today. Stefano Magliocco shares with us his latest poem, titled ‘Never On A Monday‘. Andrew Ian Dodge has also sent over a new short tale – ‘Catfighting‘.

Also, for those of you who may not have noticed, we have a new page listed under ‘Temple Sections’. It is titled ‘Recent Stories‘, and it provides a nice listing of the latest work added to the Featured Writers, Mythos Studies, and Selected Tales sections. It is an easy way to make sure you have not missed any of the great work these guys are putting out. Enjoy!