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Please welcome Jeff Remmer

Jeff Remmer is the newest featured artist here at the Temple of Dagon. I am sure that many of you have heard of him, and those of you who have not, have undoubtedly seen amazing his work. We are very happy to have him join the site, and after you take a look at the work he has on display, you will be too!

The Lovecraftian Weblog

The latest addition to the Selected Tales section is ‘The Last Weblog of Jonathan Lippincott‘ by A. R. Yngve. I must say that I had not read anything quite like this before 😉 The author describes this tale as “[containing] all the classic features of a Lovecraft story: the curious man who Digs Too Deep and is Never Seen Again; the first-person account (in this case a weblog); the narrator writing his last words as The Lurking Things come for him; the cosmic horror From Beyond Space”. It is certainly different.. in a good, Lovecraftian, way.

Two New Selected Tales

Just added two new stories to the Selected Tales section of the site. First we have another interesting one from Carl Nagel called Lorna. The second one is from a newcomer to the Temple named Dario Ciriello and he gives us Appalachian Fall. Keep up the great work!