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The Holidays are Upon Us..

The Crooked House Male Voice Choir has recorded a version of the ‘9 Days of Judgement’. Who says that Cthulhu and Christmas don’t mix? Visit their website for the lyrics, and to download the mp3!

Reopening of the Mythos Studies Section

I am happy to announce the return of the Temple of Dagon’s Mythos Studies section! In addition to the previously featured essays, we also have brand new work by Mark Dunn: ‘The Necronomicon and the Dreaming Universe’ and ‘The Serpent Yig – Ygg, Daath and Kia’.

We also have an amusing little mini-story by Simon Bucher-Jones called ‘Shoggoth Fun-Stufft‘. Toys never seemed so creepy!

The Problem of Order

Simon Bucher Jones has a new one up called ‘Some Thoughts on the Problem of Order‘. It is a very well written tale which explores the chaos of order, or perhaps the order of chaos. Check it out and decide for yourself!