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Album Review: Philosopher – Thoughts

Philosopher - Thoughts A while back, Ruptured Silence Records sent me a promo kit for the latest album from the Chemnitz, Germany based death metal band Philosopher. I am always eager to hear new music, especially when it comes from a band which cites H. P. Lovecraft as a heavy influence. Read »

Please Welcome Ran Cartwright

I would like to personally welcome Ran Cartwright to the Temple of Dagon. Ran is our newest featured author, and his work can be found all over the Mythos community. He brings with him a few of his Lovecraftian tales which will certainly show readers his talent. Take a look and share your thoughts!

What happened to Romero?

The sequel to Andrew Ian Dodge‘s latest tale is now available here at the Temple of Dagon. It is called ‘Romero is a Pain redux‘ and Andrew has been kind enough to let us display it here first. It picks up where ‘Subject: Romero is a pain‘ left off, so be sure to give it a read if you have not already.

I have been noticing more and more comments on various author and artist pages lately. Keep them coming! I know that they love hearing your thoughts!

An email and a poem

Andrew Ian Dodge has sent us a new one called ‘Subject: Romero is a pain‘. Rupert has found himself in a bit of trouble again.. this time at the hands of some islanders who have been watching too many horror films. Another vacation spoiled!

We also have a new poem by Stefano Magliocco titled ‘The Launch‘. According to Stefano, it is a poem about “man’s overzealousness to reach too far”. Keep them coming guys!